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Viet Nam manufacturer of plastic products on request



Pavico Vietnam Joint Stock Company has nearly 10 years of experience, originating from Pavico Packaging Company Limited. In 2019, the company constructed a ISO 9001:2015 certified factory with area of 22,000m2 in Phu Tho.

We maintain a professional production process with state-of-the-art machinery. Our OEM/ODM production process is comprehensive, ranging from ideation, design, mold making, and blow molding to product finishing. PAVICO also offers printing and product decoration services. We are committed to the quality of products manufactured to meet various needs, from plastic packaging to gifts and household items.

PAVICO Vietnam takes pride in being a reliable partner for numerous domestic and international entities. If you have a demand for custom plastic manufacturing, please contact us at 0963.922.299 or via email at

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PAVICO is an OEM/ODM manufacturing facility, highly regarded for its capabilities and product development expertise. We provide end-to-end production solutions, from product research and mold processing to injection molding and product finishing.

Furthermore, we offer consulting services tailored to the needs and desires of our customers. With our advanced and modern machinery, PAVICO manufacturing plant enhances efficiency, saves time, and conserves resources.

– Mold processing
– Mold Processing
– Injection processing
– Blow processing,
– Printing
– Plating & Metallization
– Extrusion




At PAVICO, our QC (Quality Control) activities strictly adhere to the international standard ISO 9001:2015. We maintain a rigorous quality control process, starting from the inspection of incoming materials, through the control of production processes, to the inspection of outgoing goods.

Our highly skilled QC team is responsible for overseeing overall quality throughout the production process. We invest in supporting equipment to ensure accuracy and enhance efficiency during quality control.

PAVICO Vietnam consistently complies with manufacturing regulations to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. We take pride in being a trusted leading plastic packaging manufacturer in Vietnam.

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Always improve to bring the best quality to customer

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Mold Processing

Pavico has a team of experienced engineers in the field of mold production. We provide design solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. The products we create will have the appearance, shape, and dimensions that meet our customers’ criteria.

With a full range of modern equipment, Pavico helps save time, resources, and costs. Let us bring your ideas to life!

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Injection processing

Injection molding is the process of shaping plastic products. Currently, PAVICO operates more than 20 plastic injection molding machines capable of working with most common types of plastics such as PET, PP, PC, ABS, and more.

We optimize the production process, time, and resources when using and operating our plastic injection molding machines. This ensures batch production with consistent quality and a stable supply. Customers can confidently use our services for large quantities.

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Blow processing

Currently, Pavico owns over 30 blow molding machines, including PET blowing technology, injection blow molding, and HDPE extrusion blow molding.

With our modern, high-capacity machinery and a team of experienced technical professionals, we are confident in meeting the demands of both domestic and international customers with a wide range of products, including bottles, jars, and water containers, among others.

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Pavico’s printing system currently consists of 15 modern printing machines, allowing processing on various materials. The system includes screen printing technology, UV printing technology, pad printing technology, heat transfer printing technology, and foil stamping technology.

The implementation process is strictly controlled under the supervision of a highly skilled workforce. The final products are guaranteed for quality and aesthetic value.

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Metallization & Spray paint

Electroplating is known as one of the methods used in plastic packaging decoration.

At PAVICO, we offer a variety of painting services, including glossy painting, matte painting, textured painting, and translucent painting. Additionally, we provide plastic electroplating services to create a glossy, elegant effect while enhancing the surface protection of plastic.

All of these methods are carried out in production under a modern machinery system and the supervision of experts to produce high-quality products.

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Tube Extrusion

Pipe extrusion is a modern and widely used manufacturing technology today. This technology allows for the rapid production of high-quality plastic pipes.

At the PAVICO factory, the pipe extrusion machinery system is equipped with modern and advanced technology. The plastic extrusion molds have high precision in terms of shape and size. We have the capability to provide a stable supply, producing according to the customer’s needs with an optimized production process.

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Pavico’s main products

Pavico’s main products are plastic packaging, housewares, technical plastics, OEM/ODM products


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